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Did You Forget Anything On Your Contents List?

Let's get you some more money.


Do You Know How To Justify Why These Items Have Been Affected? We Do. We Are Here To Defend Your List!

Not so fast...We have thousands of dollars worth of everyday commonly forgotten household items that add up to big money! We have only provided you with a few items in each category to get you started. Our full templates are ready-built, and will be custom tweaked by our team to cater to your specific household items. We will help get you your settlement much quicker for no upfront fees. We only get paid if we get you paid. Not bad, right? Read more for details. 


You may make money from the lists that we have provided (free of charge) or, contact us and work towards gaining a significantly higher settlement amount for your contents inventory list. Don't forget, if your list gets challenged, your list will have to be defended (down to a science) and documented to display how each of your products were effected, to get it paid. *Public Adjusters will handle this task for you, along with any other calls and emails that get sent from your insurance company. We have the ability to be the point-of-contact for your claim.

*Public Adjuster - a professional, licensed by the state, that investigates, evaluates scope, and negotiates on behalf of you, the policyholder. Unlike staff adjusters who have a responsibility to their carrier, public adjusters have a responsibility to the client. Public adjusters are regulated by the state with the fees they may charge (most states regulate a fee cap of 10% of settlements). Fees are earned upon finally receiving settlement; there are no upfront fees. The  value we bring to your claim, outweighs the fee that we charge.

DIY-ers, please contact us before attempting to complete these tasks yourself, as it is takes more for us to defend your claim when you first tread down a treacherous path on your own. We cannot guarantee that you will find success on your own. We do not want to discourage you; but beware of the risks, time, and dedication you will need while treading solo into an industry that has much of your money riding on every little decision you make for your claim. 

We use Xactimate to estimate your loss. This is an industry standard platform that reveals what you should be getting paid.


Do you know the true values of your items?

(We arrived to over $100 with only three items.)


(certain item prices & taxes are influenced by state/zip code. Please contact us for a more accurate price scale)

  •  Do you want your Contents Inventory Settlement sent to you in a lump-sum check? Contact us to discover how. Insurance companies will commonly bypass you, and pay their preferred vendor directly (with your money) to try to salvage your items. Our estimates allow for you to collect in lump-sum payments. Do what you want with your money, don't let them decide how your money is spent.

  • (Remember: every paper clip, pencil, and deck of playing cards counts. Bigger settlements are accomplished by including documentation down to the littlest details.)

  • Do you know how much your 'dirty socks' in the basement, and electric toothbrush is actually worth? We have provided you with a short list of commonly forgotten household items, but you still may not know how much your items are truly worth. Contact us today for assistance.

  • Does your policy have a Replacement Cost Value endorsement? If you don't know, then have a professional read your policy. Just email it to us and tell us what's going on; we will read it, free of charge.

  • Are you just too busy to handle all of this? We can handle your entire claim for you, or just whatever portion you need assistance with.

  • We work on a commission-basis. This is regulated by the states in which we practice, (excl. Louisiana) with a common fee of 10%. This correlates our success with yours, as it positions us to have to give our best efforts to your claim. Your success is our success. Please understand that a public adjuster's values commonly exceeds the cost for our services. There are no upfront costs and we only get paid upon bringing results to your claim settlement. Email us today to learn more: 


Links For The DIYers.

Please note, proper documentation is pivotal in conjunction with this knowledge. Insurance carriers commonly stand firm on their position unless you hire a licensed public adjuster. Public adjusters understand the laws that regulate insurance carriers and use them as leverage for your benefit. Public adjusters also know how to handle insurance companies that continue to stand firm on their position, despite proper documentation.

Particulate matter: how it affects you and your health. What to do.

Click the fire.

Scope; psychometrics, water categories and how it affects you.

Click the water.


Is your structure also damaged?

Unless you already knew that you should (commonly) get $50 paid to you for each smoke detector in your house that needs to be screwed and unscrewed, we recommend you visit below:

Our Estimates vs Their Estimates: (Coming Soon)

Please understand that our estimates allow for you to settle for these line-items with a check that will be paid to you. Insurance companies will commonly bypass you and pay their preferred vendor directly, with your money. These vendors are loyal to the insurance company, (while performing their best to show legal unbias), as carrier-fed work is vital for the survival of some vendors . Would they want to 'bite the hand that feeds them', to help you discover the full scope of your loss?


(please note that being underpaid isn't the case with all claims,  as we can not speak on behalf of every property claim. There are many claims that are settled honestly with the help of hardworking insurance adjusters and vendors. We only speak on some of the claims that we see first-hand.)

    What is ALE?

ALE, otherwise known as additional living expenses, applies to the extra expenses it takes to continue your daily routine. These expenses may include:

  • Extra Laundry Expenses

  • Gas Mileage Differentials

  • Hotel Accommodations

  • Utilities

  • Storage

  • Pet Boarding

  • Restaurant Meals (you can claim if your hotel does not include access to a kitchen)

(Be sure to save all of your receipts so your insurance carrier can reimburse you properly.)

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