Forgotten Bathroom Items


  1. Bathroom Mat

  2. Shower Curtain

  3. Razors - Electric

  4. First Aid Kit

  5. Toiletries

  6. Plunger

  7. Toilet Brush

  8. Shower Caddy

  9. Nail Clippers

  10. Bathroom Towel

  11. Bathroom Trash Can

  12. Q-tips

  13. Toothbrush - Electric

  14. Make-up

  15. Air Fresheners



Value; as listed in Xactimate

  1. $33+

  2. $39+

  3. $45+

  4. $28+ 

  5. (varies)

  6. $14

  7. $24+

  8. $25+

  9. $10+ each

  10. $20+ each

  11. $34+

  12. $5

  13. $70+ 

  14. (varies)

  15. $10+



More Rooms = More Money.


Please note that our services will allow you to collect your settlement in a lump-sum check. This is because we are licensed with the state to advocate for you. Our estimate writing will expedite the process of you getting paid; as we have been through this process enough to know it like the back of our hand. You are not guaranteed to collect as a lump-sum payout by doing this on your own. Insurance companies will commonly pay the vendor directly to attempt to salvage your items, or they will ask you to purchase the new item and send them a receipt for reimbursement. Our license makes all the difference with the options you will have. You may check our state licenses listed in our 'about' tab. Shouldn't you ultimately decide how your money is spent? Contact us today.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what these items are worth?

Short answer: We know how much your items should be worth. We utilize Xactimate, an industry standard software that reveals how much you should be getting paid for your items. The slightest details can determine if your items are worth even more. Remember, the value of an item goes beyond the deep-discount you may have paid for it. The value of the item also goes beyond how valuable YOU may assume the item may be. This is a common mistake that many policyholders overlook. The insurance companies will not stop you from overlooking your own money. This process takes time, which your insurance company knows you may not have much of. We have seen attic-spaces and crowded closets give our clients the biggest returns. This is because your items are worth money, no matter if you use them or not. The littlest details make the biggest settlements. 

Are there any more items that I am forgetting?

You are free to take advantage of the items that we have provided for each room.  However, we also provide pre-made lists that include thousands of dollars worth of commonly forgotten household items. These items are already priced and prepared; all we would have to do is add a few specific items to the list and we will submit it immediately for you. We know what to look for, because we use the same system that insurance company uses to price your items. They use the system to their advantage, as we use it to your advantage. Our goal is to get our clients paid within 30 days of submitting your contents inventory list. Contact us today to see if we would be able to assist you with your claim. We will check to ensure your claim is at its best. No obligation. 


How do I know if these items have been affected? What if they don't look affected?

In fire-loss scenarios, you should expect to see soot, char, and ash at the loss site. This particulate matter caused from fire is microscopic, and can not be seen by the naked eye. Particulate Matter is known to be full of pathogens and carcinogens, which are hazardous when inhaled or ingested. Would you take a risk of using these items after learning about the dangers of particulate matter? 

In water-loss scenarios, mold spores are known to develop within 72 hours unless proper remediation actions are taken.

Stagnant water is considered hazardous after 48 hours (known as category 2 water).  We have seen many scenarios where Aspergillus/Penicillium, Chaetomium, Basidiospores, and Epicoccum were present in the air, due to something as simple as excessive steam that ejected from a washer machine. The steam makes contact with all of the dust particles and bacteria in the air, which will eventually settle. Steam will always follow the path of least resistance and pair with colder surfaces. The dark, humid air pockets create a friendly environment for extreme mold growth.

We won't get too deep into this, as having the proper licenses and certifications are truly necessary to defend against a stubborn insurance company.

Can you guys handle all of this for me?

Yes, we can help you. At DoNOTGetScrewed (brought to you by Claims For You LLC), our public adjusters will build and defend your list for you. We are licensed to negotiate your property insurance claim to its entirety. We will handle all calls and emails for you; you can request to be cc'd on all emails. We charge a commission fee of 10% that gets paid at the time of settlement. There are no upfront fees. Your success is our success; our value outweighs the fees that we charge. Public Adjuster fees are regulated by the state that we practice in. 

Can I do this myself?

We will never discourage you to defend your claim on your own. Please understand that we are able to impact your claim due to being licensed and certified by the state in which we practice. Licensed public adjusters understand the process it takes to handle a stubborn insurance company. Proper documentation is essential to be successful with your claim. If you have no experience with handling property insurance claims, we recommend you consult with us to determine what your best option is. We have seen policyholders jeopardize their entire claim with one sentence!


I have more questions

Send us a quick email. Include any documents that will help us better understand your loss and we will be more than happy to be of assistance to you. Please check our 'locations' tab to see if we are licensed to practice in your state. We are always expanding; email us to see when we will be practicing in your state. Please understand that each state has its own unique regulations. You may search for your state's department of insurance for more accurate information. Our information matches the regulations set forth by Connecticut and California.

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