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Take some time to read about the team that will be assisting you.

Headquartered in Connecticut, DoNotGetScrewed.com (brought to you by Claims For You LLC) is an entity comprised of individual, but networked Public Adjusters that are ready to assist the policy holder with their current and past property insurance claims. Our value stems from our decades of experience, combined with pivotal resources to help the insured regain the upper-hand on his/her insurance claim. Proper documentation is the building-blocks to your success. Our team understands just how to document in a manner that will maximize your settlement(s). We have had much experience with past water, fire, lightning, smoke, wind, falling object, and flood claims; there is a strong possibility that we have already handled a claim similar to yours in our past work. This means that we are aware of how to handle your 'dead-end' claim, as we have already successfully handled past claims that have had obstacles similar to yours. Our license enables us to fully represent you, and your claim to its entirety.


Our license and certifications play a major role in making a significant impact in your claim.

We are not licensed to work in all states; you may view a list of states we are in by visiting the slideshow at the bottom of

this page. As we take pride in our high-standard practices, not all public adjusters are guaranteed to produce the same results, as each public adjuster has their own methods, skills, and tactics to achieve their own success(es). DoNotGetScrewed.com can only speak for the in-house public adjusters that we use, and are not responsible for the practices of other licensed public adjusters outside of our network. You may be able to give us a call directly to give yourself the best advocacy, based off of the information that you've learned on our site. Please note that some information and regulations vary by state, and its recommended that you check with your state department of insurance, adopted OSHA standards, and building code regulations to further learn how your claim should be handled. 

Representation from us will take much of this responsibility off of your shoulders, as we will do a majority of the heavy lifting upon signing a partnership agreement. Please note, we only handle property insurance claims and retain the right to accept or deny any claim submission for any reason.

Always verify the license number before working with any public adjuster.

Public Adjuster Licenses